About Us

Forty years ago, James Velonis, the founder, had the vision to realize that home centers were not necessarily a threat to his plumbing business but another potential source of revenue. Home centers were another customer with different needs not a competitor or threat. In the decades that followed Peabody Sales & Service has become a stand-alone business serving many of the largest home improvement retailers in the world.

Peabody Sales & Service has developed unique and custom capabilities that augment those already provided by those big box stores, allowing them greater capacity and service levels.  Peabody Sales & Service, when needed, became the value added service provider between manufacturers and retail establishments. With our vast industry knowledge and experience we provide unique services that the retailer and manufacturer cannot or choose not to do in house. Over the years these services have included engineering, training, logistical, direct to home fulfillment, sourcing, importation, and many others. Our goal has always been to be the grease that eliminates friction between the manufacturer, retailer and the end user.  The levels of service we provide add greater value to all, than the cost of our participation.

With the emergence of e-commerce the need for unique capacity has sky rocketed. Peabody Sales & Service is well suited to provide everything from basic fulfillment to very custom customer solutions. We have earned a reputation as a “can do” service provider with many manufacturers and retailers. And our solutions can be as diverse and as unique as your needs.

In July of 2013, Peabody Sales & Service, a privately held company, was sold to Hajoca Corporation one of the nation’s largest distributors. This strategic alignment gives Peabody Sales & Service the resources to grow and handle just about any opportunity that presents itself.