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  • Spinsecure LLC, designs, manufacturers and markets security and safety devices to the worldwide industrial valve market. Spinsecure LLC designs devices to protect consumers, employees and equipment from unauthorized users, accidental adjustments, vandals and terrorists.

    We stock the below items:

    FSS 50 = Has a unique patented free-spinning design in order to secure faucets and hose bibbs from miscellaneous vandalism, unauthorized use, tampering and water theft.

    FSS 750 Versalock = With skyrocketing fuel prices theft is on the rise. The cost of the FSS 750 security cap is small compared to the cost of the fuel in your tank. The FSS 750 is different from any other cap on the market, in that, the cap is secured to the filler neck by our unique patented “spinsecure” technology. When the cap is in secure mode the cap will freespin making it virtually impossible to remove.

    _FSS-750 QF 2″ locking cap fits Scully and OEM threads
    _FSS-750 NPT
    _FSS-754 2″ vented locking cap for transfer auziliary and reefer fuel tanks
    _750-200 NPTA 2″ male to male adapter for FSS-750NPT and FSS-754