Extended Product Line Card

The Extended Product Line Card is a list of other lines we have access to but do not stock in our warehouse.

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  • Artis Metals Company

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  • Artis Metals Company has been manufacturing high quality thick metal HVAC venting products since 1937.

    Wall Vent Caps for Exhaust or Intake
    Roof Caps (J-vent), Roof Mount with Damper & Peak Vent (slant back)
    Heavy Duty Turbine Vents, Globe Vents, Aero Foil & Master Vents
    Chimney Caps:Wind Directional Caps, Insulated Pipe Adapters, Rain Caps (Cone), Vacuum Caps, Tile Chimney Adapters, Gas Vents
    Backdraft Dampers: Butterfly Dampers, Offset Pin Damper, Dryer Damper
    Turbine Vents
    Pipe Fittings
    Copper Vents
    Stainless Vents
    Foundation and Soffit vents
    Plastic Roof Vent Caps
    Roof Bases:Flat, Pitched, Saddle and Adjustable Roof Bases
    Metals Flashings