Extended Product Line Card

The Extended Product Line Card is a list of other lines we have access to but do not stock in our warehouse.

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  • Ashland Pump

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  • Here at Ashland Pump, each product we make goes through extensive testing. For over 25 years we’ve not only delivered pumps that sell, we’ve delivered the promise of getting your order made correctly. We understand you’re running a business of your own. That means you need financial security in your inventory. Ashland Pump stands behind our products and our CSA/CUS approved facility. Ashland Pump products use vortex impellers to reduce pump clogging and are made with thermoplastic, brass, and cast iron variations to fit any job.

    Products (Commercial. Industrial. Residential. Municipal.)
    Utility Pump
    Battery Backup Sump Pump
    Pedestal Pumps
    Thermoplastic Sump Pumps
    Cast Iron Sump Pumps
    Effluent Pumps
    Sewage Pumps
    Grinder Pumps
    Solids Handling Pumps
    Packaged Systems